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Together Again

VA Loans are one the great benefits our country has provided to our veterans and active service members.  VA Loans offer many unique benefits that many consider to be the best type of financing option available.

What Makes VA Loans Great?


There is no down payment required for VA loans!


Even with zero down payment there is no monthly PMI that gets added to your payment which helps you qualify for more.


VA Loans offer some of the lowest interest rates available, which helps you qualify for more.

VA Loans in Summary

VA Loans are available for eligible Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, and Surviving Spouses.  In order to qualify for a VA loan the home must be occupied as a primary residence by the veteran or the veteran's spouse.  There are many benefits that VA Loans offer that make it great.  There is no down payment required for VA Loans, which means there is opportunity for borrowers to have little-to-no out of pocket expenses.  No monthly mortgage insurance allows the borrower to qualify for a higher purchase price with the same payment as some other programs.  The interest rates on VA Loans are some of the best in the industry which helps keep your monthly payment lower.  Increased debt-to-income ratio requirements means a veteran can qualify for more using a VA loan over other types of financing options.  Less strict underwriting requirements.  The VA Loan is there to help veterans as much as possible, so the underwriting requirements have a little more leniency than some other programs when there are unique stations involved.

While VA Loans are some of the best loans available, there are limitations.  The property must meet stricter requirements when it comes to the condition of the property.  It must meet VA's health and safety requirements as well as pass a section 1 termite clearance.  Some sellers may not be willing or able to complete the necessary repairs to ensure the property meets the VA's requirements.  Also VA loans cannot have co-signors that are not veterans except for a veterans spouse.

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