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What's Involved in Buying a Home?

How The Purchase Process Works

In Simple Terms: A buyer finds a home, negotiates the terms of a purchase contract with the seller, gets an appraisal to verify value, orders a home inspection to check under the hood, and then signs final documents at the closing table where funds are distributed.

Since local market conditions, location, rates, and property availability can complicate the process, having a trusted mortgage and real estate professional in your corner will help you avoid unnecessary anxiety.

Basic Outline of the Homebuying Process

  • Meet with Steven Burns to get a pre-approval letter

  • Choose a Loan Program

  • Final Underwriting Process

  • Signing Closing Documents

  • Funding And Recording

Buying a new home is literally a team sport since there are so many tasks, important timelines, documents, and responsibilities that all need special care and attention.


Besides working with a professional team that you trust, it’s important that the individual players have the ability to effectively communicate and execute important decisions together as well.

Contact Steven Burns today at 909-312-4189 if you'd like recommendations on how to choose the best real estate agent for your situation or if you have questions about where to start.

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